Live CD's only $4, say what?

Ok, all you Old Skoolers, you've been asking and we've been listening, so here's the skinny:

Our old friends at EchoMusic were bought out by a big coprorate giant, who then shut them down. So all of the existing CD inventory is in Holmes' living room and he ain't happy about it. Luckily, uber-intern Sasha has volunteered to handle CD mail orders through the website. Please note that not all titles are still in stock on CD and once the existing inventory is gone, it's gone. Holmes swears he ain't pressing or storing any more of those... well, you can imagine the colorful language he uses to describe the mountain of CDs in his house.
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Bootleg Snacks Volume 2 CD
  • Bootleg Snacks Volume 2 CD
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A double album - Popcorn & Soda. One of the fan favorites because it captured the essence of the 'men live. Recorded at 12th & Porter, Nashville 1995. Sasha found a few more copies under the couch, but only a handful left!

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